Articles on Grief and Healing



Guest Columns




Guest columns written by professionals and laypeople about their own experiences with loss.

  • Jay Steinberg writes of his father's death by suicide when he was a young boy. --  A Defining Day


  • Sandy Goodman, Author of "Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love" writes a column titled Gifts, Garlands and Grief.
  • Pleasant Gill White, Ph.D writes about the "Tear Jar" from Greece.


  • Gisela Lujan offers an excerpt from her book Searching for Estrella Maili, rebuilding my life after the death of my daughter. The author titles the exceprt Embracing Life Again (Spanish version)
  • Linda Tippett, a staff writer for Mature Living Magazine writes of the Invisible Cloak of grief after the death of her husband.



  • Kristina -- Susan Hendricks (death of a child)