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Acclaimed by experts Elisabeth Kubler Ross M.D. and many others, Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing continues to help both men and women heal with the masculine side of loss.     Co-authored with Jim Miller this book is really two books in one! One half gives tips for caregivers in helping masculine grievers and the other half is for the men. A handy, concise, and practical book for both men and women.    
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Tom's New Ebook

Tom's 2013 Ebook The Way Men Heal is an update of
Swallowed by a Snake and available for only 4.99
(in kindle format only) The book includes the latest
information on how masculine biology impacts the
healing process and includes sections on the reasons
that men's healing is so hard to see. Numerous examples
are given including how Michael Jordan and Eric Clapton
grieved through the masculine side. There is a bonus
section at the end on tips for helping men heal.

Tom's New Ebook The Way Men Heal
Or the KINDLE version of Swallowed by a Snake.

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We are pleased to announce that for orders for Swallowed by a Snake and A Man You Know is Grieving in Australia and New Zealand you can now contact Lois Tonkin of Port Hills Press We hope that this will be convenient, more speedy, and less costly.

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Lois Tonkin has worked as a grief counsellor, educator and writer since 1988. She is well known throughout New Zealand for her seminars and training workshops on grief related topics, and for her counselling training. In 1996 she initiated the development of Skylight, New Zealand's only grief centre focussing on the needs of grieving children and teenagers, and continues to work as its National Advisor in Counselling and Education. Port Hills Press

Lois has written a number of books about grief, including "Everybody Hurts Sometimes: a Book about Grief for Children and Teenagers", "Still Life: Hidden Stories of Stillbirth and Forbidden Grief" ,"Riding the Storms: a Book about Loss and Grief for Older People", "Remembering& quot;, and "Helping the Hurt: How to Understand and Help Grieving Children and Teenagers".

In 2001 Lois has established Port Hills Press, a publishing company whose aim is to develop and distribute high quality grief resources in New Zealand and Australia,

Lois is married with four children, and lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a serious passion for gardening and for stone carving.