My Son Michael, God's Newest Angel


Michael was born with muscular dystrophy. He was very special child to us, no matter how bad he felt he always had a smile and such green eyes. He stopped walking at nine yrs old. He had a stroke in 7/10/98, it affected his speech and he loved to talk sports and anything. He was wheelchair-bound, but he was active 19 yrs old. Played his music loud, chat on the web, went to the mall with my nephew Paul he was his best friend and Mike was mine. He played Playstation, hung out in the park with Paul and John. They would push him the weekend of his death. He had good one we were thinking he as getting better. He was laughing play with friends and his uncle. The night before he died he was playing a bowling game with his dad and Paul and he won all three. Sunday morning he took his pills at 7&10 am he was fine. We went back to sleep, he called mom, I reached him he was very pale he said I can' t breath he looked in my eyes and turned away he was gone his dad tried to help him but Michael's body went limp in his arms. I was very close to him he took care of him. I never went to work. When he as in the hospital I stayed with him. I tried so hard to make him fight but he was tired and said good-bye. He was everything to me and I'll never be the same. My sunshine is gone Mike's Mom,


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW