Crystal Eyes


Crystal Eyes
Your beautiful crystal eyes
Continue to be my insight
To who I am.
Your cheerful voice
Was my comfort
Through my million tears.
Your heavenly smile
Brought out my hidden child.
Your strong loving spirit
Gave me my beautiful gifts.
Daddy even if you're no longer on earth
You'll never be far apart
From my heart.
Whitney Lyons
Copyright 1998

My Hope
I hope our smiles
Will continue through your miles.
My heart ask that our tender words
Let you know that you were adored.
May our laughter
Continue to be your healer
In your journey.
I hope that you were well loved
And that you will pass it on
To help others rise above.
Whitney Lyons
Copyright 1998 Whitney Lyons

Sunrise Eyes
The light in his blue eyes
Taught people to survive
By creating their own sunrise.
His compassion allowed children to grow old
And his love gave a pair of brown eyes beautiful sunsets
Which she won't ever forget.
Though our spirits are being put to the test
I know that our sunrise
Shall return to our eyes.
Whitney Lyons
Copyright 1998 Whitney Lyons

He used to say
That I needed to play
So he squirted my bare toes
With the gardening hose.
We would play hide-n-seek
And he'd laugh at my wide eyed peek.
He would be very pleased
With himself when he was
In the mood to tease
Especially when he'd chase me
With the lawn mower
Just to see me run for cover.
He could get me to smile
When I thought that life wasn't worth while.
One man opened my locked heart gates
And filled it with love instead of hate
By becoming my Daddy and special playmate.
Whitney Lyons
Copyright 1998 Whitney Lyons

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