We have a bond
That no one can touch
You and I
Alone together
Crazy together
And now, apart on earth
But together in soul
I cannot describe
this feeling I have
You told me you loved me
the last time we met
Was this your goodbye to me
I don't want it to end
Not this way
Please come back
So we can play
I don't want it to end this way
I know I should feel
happy for you
You're finally at peace
but now I feel the Hell
of your leaving
I can think of nothing
but my own pain
Sometimes it hurts so bad
But I'm not sure why
I feel guilty
for feeling the pain
I wasn't there for you
during yours
I doubt if I could've helped
But I could've tried
I wish there was something
I could've done
Now it's too late
For you anyway
I must live on
the best I can
This pain is so real, so hard to take
I wish we could talk
Just you and me
Tell me the secrets
That I cannot see
I am now alone
on this earth, you see
But in my heart
You have a place
Tell me you love me
once again
for I am alone
for myself to fend
Please watch over
And let me not fail
For I am weak
And I need you now


Wendy Foss

If you wish to write Wendy you can find her at: [email protected]
mail welcome

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW