My best friend and fiance

Vicki Wright

I lost my best friend and soul mate on December 31,1996. We adored each other and usually knew what each other were thinking before words were spoken. We had so much in common and were never bored with each other. We became engaged on Christmas day of 1996, but when I came home from work on New Year's Eve, he was dead from a heart attack. He was only 45 years old.

He did everything for me and always said he worshipped the ground I walked on. On the other hand, he was all I lved for.

I will always love and miss him very much. These last few weeks seem like a live time, and have been very difficult. He had a Rottweiler named Bruno. They had a special relationship, but now Bruno's dady is gone, I have become his special person. He is like having a part of Wayne still alive and with me.

This man would do anything in the world for anyone and never held a grudge against anyone. God broke the mold when He made Wayne, but I know Wayne is now with God and waiting for me.

I love you baby!!!!!!


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