For Love of Liam

Trina Walsh

Liam was like a shooting star, that quietly came in the night, stayed
for a little while, and then like a shooting star he was gone.
Mummy and daddy wanted you to stay,
Willow and Amber would love to have played
with their brother, our son, so brave and so strong,
but our little mans star didn't glow very long,
before my eyes you were slipping away,
I knew, and daddy knew, you just couldn't stay,
We watched and we wished with all of our hearts,
Liam, my love I am falling apart,
We'd waited for you for so many years
How can one little boy create so many tears??
My life was a circle, both full and complete
now my hopes and my joys all lie smashed at my feet
I thank you my boy, for such hope and such joy
You gave us all that you could give,
Please now my Liam, give me more strength,
I need your will to live
Your sisters both miss you, though in their own way,
But that missing you feeling is here everyday
And I think it gets stronger as time goes by
For there is no point in asking WHY
Why you, Why me????
This is not how things are supposed to be,
Why fate came to us on that terrible night,
And my little baby boy fought the great fight
We visit your island, and tend to your tree
Little Shooting star
Travel Well, and be free.

I wrote this poem for the most influential man in my life, whose untimely arrival and departure from this place has altered my life forever. My little man was born far too early. He couldn't wait until June, he arrived on Good Friday and was a little over 2 lbs, he was very sick from the start. I don't know why, but I kept a diary of his brief life here, and that will be a treasure forever. I don' t know if they call it a mother's instinct, but how I wished him well, yet knew my wishing was futile. My little mans star went out at 4 am on 5th April, that was the first time that I held him. He looked like his dad, ginger hair, blue eyes, and his daddy's face. My little mans fight has not been in vain. Consequently we hit the front page of a local paper, and an appeal was launched in his name. People sent letters of support, and do you know, I think that we have made a difference, everyone always raves on about the premature babies that make it in this world, not those that make it in their parents and everyone who knew and loved them hearts. My aunt sent a little writing in her birth?death card for Liam, it said a child is a precious gift for however short a time. I wish others who have loved and lost all the happy thoughts and memories in the world. Love Luck and Lullabies,

Trina Walsh

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anniversary date 04-05-97
date of post 11-23-97

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