Andrea, my friend.

Missing my buddy

I am missing my friend, Andrea, terribly.  All I can think about is her and how her life was tragically taken at such a young age of 26.  It was a foggy Tuesday morning, October 7, 1997 and she was struck by an automobile that was traveling too fast and went through a stop light, with just one footstep she was gone.  I will never forget her nor the good times we had shared.  My life has drastically changed for the worst because of this tragic event.  Everything I think about relates back to her.  She is on my mind and in my dreams constantly and I will never forget her.  I deeply miss her.  We haven't kept close touch lately and she was planning her wedding in August of 1998, a wedding I could have participated in, a wedding I could have shared her happiness.  I have a deep sadness and feeling of loneliness even though we grew apart for the last 2 years.  I blame myself for that, I should have been there for her that day and the days before.  Her beautiful life was cut short for no reason.  Andrea was someone very special who I looked up to.  She rebuilt her life, drew herself out of the life she didn't want for her and her beautiful daughter, Kelsey.  She found a man who loved her very much, a job that put her back on top (where she belonged) and she finally found true happiness.  Now, she'll never get to see her daughter grow up, do the things & have the things that Andrea wanted her to have, the life she wanted so much for her she'll never share with her, she is truly an angel now.  I just want her & her family to know that my thoughts are always with her and I miss her greatly and hope that she is keeping a watchful eye from up above.  She was loved so much and I know God is taking good care of her now.  My buddy, my friend, Andrea.

Missing My Buddy

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