In Loving Memory of Sean


Sean, he was only seven, bound and determined that nothing would ever happen to him. He was a typical little boy with a busy little mind. We struggled everyday setting rules and boundaries for him. One of which was how to ride his bike. We couldn't tell him enough to wear a helmet, stay on the sidewalk and to quit ramping his bike. There were few friend's houses he was allowed to ride his bike to. One of his friends he didn't have to cross the street. On March 4, 1997, he road his bike to this friend's house, but his friends were across the street. He was so happy all the time´┐Żnothing ever made him unhappy. He crossed the street (we live on a culdesac with lots of kids), because his friends were across the street in front of a parked commercial truck and road in front of a large car. Sean's two sisters, one younger and one older, were coming up the street behind the lady that hit Sean and saw it all happen. She wasn't going fast but for some reason she didn't stop when she hit something and proceeded to drag him many feet. Sean was aircared to the hospital. I never thought for a minute that things could be serious enough that I would lose him. The doctors operated on him two times trying to stop the bleeding but the bleeding was mainly coming from his severe head injuries which he later died from on March 6, 1997. March 6th was his grandmother's birthday.

I know everyone brags about their children, but he was unique. His compassion for people, animals and life was so unbelievably strong for a 7 year old. He would cry for you if you got a splinter in your finger. He also had a silent compassion for music. His sister was so good at everything that he would only show a few people what he was good at and only when she wasn't around. He loved Garth Brooks and country music. My nickname for him was my "Lil' Garth" and his Dad's was "Lil' Buddy".

He's got an older sister (Age 9) and a younger sister (Age 3). So much to bear at such young ages. Sean's compassion allowed him to play with his little sister for hours and hours. She's very much like him. Sean, we all still don't know how to live without you. You touched so many lives--you made everyone and I mean everyone-- that knew you laugh at least once and many of us lots of times. I hope that some day I can laugh again at the things you did and smile just for having held you.

I love you, Sean Love Mommy


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