My Best Friend, My Mom

Theresa Kessler

My mother went to heaven on March 21, 1999. She fought a good hard battle with colon cancer for 5 years. She had outlived all of the doctors predictions. She fought right until the end until she could not fight anymore. The last year she suffered so much, but she never complained. Being a pastor's wife, she had very strong faith in God. She was such an inspiration to everyone that she met. She would be praising God in everything she did, but she was suffering so much! She was such an example to me. She was so caring and was always worried about her husband and her 3 children up until she died. When we finally told her it was ok to go to heaven that we would be ok, she let go and went to see Jesus.

I hope that I can be a good example and good mother like she was to me. My mother was my best friend and I miss her so much. It is hard to make it through each day without crying. We were so close and spent so much time together it is hard to know what to do without her. I try to occupy my time, but how do you replace your best friend? The last year, my father and I took care of her. My father didn't want hospice to help very much, so I worked a full time job, took care of my three children and my husband also. I never regretted the time I took care of her. I would do it all again if I could just to be with her.

I just want to honor her memory by writing this. I hope this will also be good therapy for me also. It is hard for other people to understand what I'm going thru, unless they have lost their mother. It doesn't make it any easier even tho she was sick for so long. Some people think that it would make it easier, but they are very wrong.

I am trying to remember all of the good times we had, which was very many. I have no regrets, she knew that we all loved her. She is in heaven singing with the angels now. She is not suffering anymore! I miss my mom, my best friend!!!!!!

I would love to hear from anyone that is going thru the same grief that I am.

Theresa Kessler

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anniversary date 3-21-99
date of post 4-16-99

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