To My Father Who Left Too Soon


My father was diagnosed with cancer March 21,1999. He was only 67. He had prostate cancer two years ago and had surgery and was cancer free. Then we found out he had cancer again. In my heart I believed he would get through it again. But then we were told the kind of cancer and that it was the second worst to get. He had his surgery and come out fine. Then three days later he started feeling sick. They let him go home with home nursing. He went back to the doctor to get his staples out and it had not healed, So they had to re-staple. Two days later he had a seizure. We called an ambulance and they took him to the hospital. There we found out he was a diabetic. From that day on things went fast. He had another surgery to clean out infection. Each day he became weaker and weaker. It broke my heart to see my hero grow so weak. He couldn't even hold a Popsicle. My mother stayed the whole time with him and my two sisters and I were there every minute we were not working . Then on May 12 I got a call at work. His breathing was getting shallow. He was non-responsive. We finally talked my mom into going down and getting something to eat. I promised to stay by his side. I whispered in his ear that I loved him and I knew that he tried to get through this and I would miss him. I then saw a tear fall from the corner of his eye. I know he heard me and it helps a little but I will still miss him dearly. Forever.


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