Missing Grandpa

Tammy Sleczka

On Tuesday December 30,1997,we received news of my grandpa passing away. It was so unexpected, so sad, and so hard to accept. He was my mom's step-dad, but he was still grandpa. We lost grandma in 1993,but we all kept close ties with Grandpa Gene. I feel so numb, in shock, and I find it hard to cope with. On the day of his funeral, the minister read a poem I wrote for him, signed from all us grandchildren. He would have loved it. I'm checking into grief counseling, and praying that I will remain strong. Grandpa was only 59, he may have been sick, did not know, he kept his pride and did not say a word. I love him, miss him and he is in a better place. This is for you grandpa.

Tammy Sleczka

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anniversary date 12-30-97
date of post 01-04-98

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