My Special Angel

Tami Richard

A special spirit ascended to heaven on April 13, 1997 at 10:49 p.m. His earthly name was Carlos Bruce Miller. He is my father. He died from that ugly monster-disease cancer. But I don't want to write about his death, I want to write about his life.

He was a great salesman. He sold bikes for the Schwinn Bike company for over 26 years. He truly loved his job and his people. I know that is why he was honored by his peers for being so successful.

Bruce miller was a great orator. He was an awarded debater in high school and often blessed the congregation of his church with his wisdom. He was cherished by many and loved by all who met him.

I was lucky enough to be his daughter. He held he as a baby, carried me as a toddler, guided me as an adolescent and comforted me as an adult. He loved me and I loved him. He was a wonderful father and grandfather. Heaven is lucky to get this gentle man.

I mis him more than I ever thought possible. My tears flow as I write this. But even in death, Dad still teaches me.

He teaches me that life here goes on. He has left me a legacy of honesty, family, love and honor. He encourages me to guide my life with grace and dignity at all times. He leads me with the memories of his humor, kindness and courage.

Thank you Dad. Thank you for all you gave me here on earth and for all you continue to give me from your place on high. I miss you so much. My heart still aches, tears slide down my cheeks, I still listen for that sweet sound of your whistle coming to my door.

I will carry on Dad. I will make you proud. I will raise your grandchildren to be as you are. A man to remember, a man to honor in death as in life.

Be listening for me Dad. I will be listening for you. I love you Dad.

Tami Richard

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