Peter's little sister

Susan Tenney Rossi

My name is Susan Tenney Rossi age 37, and yesterday July 2, 1996 I learned that my beloved brother Peter Tenney, age 40 had just died at 5:15AM PST.

Peter had been battling full-blown AIDs for ten years. He died as he wished at home in the buddhist hospice where he had lived for almost one year.

Although his death was expected and I thought that I had already gone through the stages of grieving, the news seems to have had the same effect as a punch in the stomach. How can I now be an only child?? Peter had always been there to protect me from just about everything - sometimes too many things! I've been known all my life as "Peter's little sister"! I even had sweatshirts made up with that message when we went to DC to see the Names project quilt in 1989.

I would be very interested in hearing from others who have lost someone to this vile disease, particularly siblings.

Susan Tenney Rossi

If you wish to write Susan you can find her at: [email protected]
mail welcome

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