My Sweet Sweet Mother

Susan Evans

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I wanted to do this honor page for you, because if anyone ever deserved an honor page you do. I want to thank you for always being there for me. I want to say I am sorry for all the times I should have came to visit you and chose to do something else. I want to say that I am happy for all the times I did visit you and all the time we shared together.

You were the best mom that anyone could ever ask for. I remember especially the cross stitched dress you surprised me with the morning of a 4-H Speech Contest. For all the times you did without so you could do for me and Carolyn, thank you.

I am so happy for you now mom, you are no longer in pain and I know you are with dad and my precious Stevie. Please hold him close for me and tell him how very much I love him. Oh yes, this past year Brian, Carolyn's son joined you in heaven. Please tell him how much we love him too ! Your two grandsons. If we can't have them here I am so glad they are with you! I know it must feel very natural to you to have them with you. They love you very much.

I think you would be proud of me today. I have tried to live my life by the wonderful example that you showed us. I care for others as you always did, I am a good Christian person. You know all of this I know.

Mom, I remember all the happy times we had together today and I celebrate your life. You will always be here with us very near to our hearts. We love you so very much. What I would give for one of your hugs and kisses today!

I love you Mom forever and ever. (((((((((Hugs&Kisses)))))))))


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anniversary date 08-08-96
date of post 05-08-98

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