My Wonderful Brother

His Sister

I want to honor my wonderful, loving brother who left my life just a few days ago. He was the best part of my life and now I am without him. The pressures of life became unbearable for him and he chose to leave this world.

I feel so alone and lost without him. He was my only family member I have a relationship with. Now I am totally alone without him. I can't express the sadness and fear I feel now. I try to go on, but all I can think about is his pain that he must have felt and how I couldn't help him see what a wonderful person he was.

I cannot get him out of my mind--every second is filled with a memory of him and the thought that I will not have any future ones with him now that he is gone.

He was an amazing man who took on the world despite all of its challenges. I will never forget his face and his life. He was the very best thing in my life.

I love you my brother.

Your loving sister

date of post 01-07-99

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW