My Daughter, Krista Michelle Petroski

Shirley Petroski

Hello, My name is Shirley Petroski, and I live in Downey,California. My Daughter Krista Michelle Petroski died April 3,l992,she had been in ICU since March 24,1992.(11 days of HOPE)! Krista worked at Smart & Final in Vernon, and was almost within the driveway of the parking lot on her way to work, that particular dark Spring morning. A semi-truck was parked in the red, and waiting to be the first to unload cheese from Salt Lake City. The time was approximately 4:45 AM. Our girl was a computer operator for the company, a Mother of a 17 Month old girl ,named Brittany. We have had a very beautiful, thoughtful, and compassionate girl, that we were blessed with on June 6th, l971. Born in Long Beach,California. Krista was fun to be with, smart, an artist, a great Mom, a Christian girl, a wonderful Sister to her 5 half Brothers, and one Sister. We have missed her so very much, it is very difficult still to think she will not be driving up our drive-way, with that bouncy pony tail just flying. Krista graduated from High School in 1989,and had worked at a Ford Dealership, after school. She really fell in love for the second time (the first being the Football Hero at school). She did get pregnant, and even though the young man did not want that child at that time, Krista decided to have her little bundle of joy. With no financial help from the Dad, she met another young man at the Ford Dealership and they exchanged rings. Brittany had her first Birthday October 24th 1991,and Krista and Mike lived in a nice apartment, and planned on a wedding. Krista was in her Best Friends wedding March 22nd, l992,and 2 days later in the wee hours of the morning our phone rang, to tell us our daughter was in ICU. We rushed there and spent the next 11 days praying, but our prayers were not to be answered. She is with us in our hearts everyday. I speak of her everyday. I will not let Brittany forget she had a wonderful Mom that loved her so tremendously. Brit has those same big almond shaped eyes. I have felt guilt, as I gave her the car. We always have to blame something, then I blamed God, then I blamed the boy who got her pregnant, and on and on. There really is no one to blame, I have come to realize it was an accident, and that is it. The truck driver did not mean to park in the red to kill anyone, as he had several children of his own. We have joined Compassionate Friends, and also we belong to AA, and have been sober a few years before Krista's accident. No! drinking would not bring our girl back. I work in a flower shop, next to a Mortuary, and if I can help others, and I really believe I have, talked to many people who have lost their children too. My dreams for Krista were to be just as she was: beautiful, talented, great Mother, and a daughter that was and still is the brightest Spirit I have ever met. Sorry to my eldest, but Dana feels the same way to. Dana is 16 years older than Krista, and a counselor in a High School in Seattle. Washington. Yes, this life goes on, and we should all be very happy for each day we awake to see all the things the Lord gave to us. Our Krista would not have it any other way! Brittany will follow in her Mom's footsteps. Now Brittany's life is another story. We did get sued for her Guardianship 3 days after the funeral, from the same young man that did not want her! Remember he had a Mother that wanted a Grandchild. This went on for 2 years. Time will take care of all of it, and with the help of God Brit will certainly one day be another wonderful person in our Society, she certainly makes a lot of people happy, as did her Mom.

Shirley Petroski

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