Sherry Matteson

The smile that rose upon your face,
In the morning when you first woke

The simple word that you said,
The first time that you spoke

Your little arms around my neck,
a laugh, a squeeze, a hug

The twinkle deep within your eyes,
with that twinkle at my heart you tugged

My remarkable little Andrew,
My life you filled with joy

My darling little precious son,
My wonderful baby boy

My memories I'll carry always, deep within my heart
I'll see your face at every turn, saddened that we're apart

But one day my precious son, When heaven opens it's gates
We will again be as one, For this I know is my fate

So I'll not cry until that time, remember instead with joy
That I have been blessed from up above, with my wonderful baby boy... Andrew

I love you baby

Andrew Matteson
1/10/91 - 9/19/96

Sherry Matteson

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