Trying to Understand

Sheron A. Eaden

Douglas Lee Eaden II was born, September 14, 1977. He grew up without a father most of his life, but turned into a fine man. He never ran with any gangs, or did anything that would make me ashamed of him. He was always a good brother and a good son. On October 25, 1998, he was coming back from Utah with his sister. His sister, Melissa, invited him to go because she was going to a convention. He was excited, because this was going to be the first of many trips the kids had planned. Doug was a new driver and was excited about driving to Utah and back. They had left Utah, approximately at midnight, and were outside of Colorado. Aurora, Colorado, mile marker 312, with Doug's sister Melissa sleeping in the passenger seat, he possibly falls asleep(we think)hit the gravel on the right side of the highway, which startles him. He then over corrects, heading for the left embankment. He wakes his sister by yelling, "Oh Sh*t!" After the first roll he is thrown out of the car, Melissa is in the car for all four rolls. By the time, Melissa gets out of the car, Doug's pulse is thready, his chest is crushed, neck swollen, and pupils dilated. According to the Autopsy, he had fractured both clavicles severing the jugulars and the right carotid artery. He died at the scene of the accident. His sister who was the experienced driver, lost a large part of herself that morning. Hopefully, with love and understanding, we will be able to help heal each other.

Sheron A. Eaden

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