Cancer Took My Daddy

Shawna Bangert

I am 22 years old and just recently lost my dad to cancer in May of 96 and my grandmother only three months later also to cancer. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer three years before it actually took his life. I remember my parents telling me that dad had cancer but they never stressed that he could actually die from this. Of course I know people die of cancer but not my daddy.

When my daddy finally started to show signs of being sick I just kept telling myself that he would get better. My daddy couldn't die he was to strong. I watched my daddy go from the strong man that could do anything to the weak man who couldn't even put his shoes or socks on without my help. I worked late nights so I was the only one home during the day to take care of him. This eventully got to be very hard because my dad couldn't walk any more. The doctors kept increasing the dosage of morphine until he didn't know who I was. I watch my daddy die in front of my eyes. I just wished that more people were educated on cancer so that they didn't waste time like I did. I love my daddy with all my heart. My daddy died one month before I was to be married and I had to decide on my wedding day who was going to walk me down the ailse. My dad will never see my children. That breaks my heart.

Shawna Bangert

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anniversary date 05-96
date of post 05-19-97

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