Memories of Jeff

Sharon Michaels

We were "high school sweethearts" (the only boy I had dated). I was fortunate as was married to my best friend. Life was good, we were 35 years old, and our three children were growing. We were comfortable with the life we had chosen. Then came the leukemia- to this day I cringe just hearing the word. We were blessed to have a tremendous support of Church, community and Hospice. Jeff died at home, surrounded by his loved. We did it our way and, to this day, I have no regrets.

Seven years later our children are nearly grown and are becoming fine young adults. Their dad would be very proud of them. Single parenting is quite a challenge, but our Father in Heaven has given me the strength and guidance I have needed. I have learned so much and am grateful for the lessons, no matter how hard. My 17 yr old daughter & I have recently been asked to formulate a bereavement support group at her high school. Any suggestions? I am now in the National Marrow Donor Registry and pray for the day to help someone in need of a marrow harvest.

I am recently engaged to be married- I have been blessed to love and be love by many, especially two wonderful men. Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts.

Sharon Michaels

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date of post 12-21-97

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