To Remember My Beloved Mother


My beloved Mother was diagnosed with Cancer in June 1984 and we lost her on December 18 of that same year. My Mother was a pure and kind spirit, not hurting a soul her entire life. During her brief illness, she put up a brave front, even though my Father told me otherwise. As with most cancers, it quickly accelerated and she faded away before our very eyes. Knowing that would be her last Christmas with us, I put the tree up on December 1st so she could enjoy the holiday. She was admitted to the hospital two weeks later. I saw her the day before she died, and when I left the hospital, I told her goodbye. I knew then she would not return home. When my Father called to summon me to her bedside, I was unable to go. Something told me to stay home. I'm sure it was my Mother. She wanted to spare me the agony of seeing her die. I heard some people do that. Even though I was home, I knew the exact moment she died. I felt it. And after receiving the call confirming it, I felt relief that it was over and she was no longer in pain. The hardest part of this ordeal was telling my six year old daughter. She understood death and cried out "But I didn't get to say goodbye "... As time goes by, the horrible memories of her illness and death are fading and being replaced with wonderful times we spent together. I'm glad its over with, but I miss my Mother dearly.


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anniversary date 12-18-84
date of post 06-22-97

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