Loss of A Special Brother

Sally B. Donegan

It has been nine months since I lost my brother Dan to a car accident. It seems really like yesterday. The loss and the pain haven't gotten any easier but have worsened somewhat. Dan was a loving, easy-going handsome young man with a lot going for him. He touched so many people's lives especially mine. I have days that I have a hard time believing that he's really gone. Although he was my baby brother I always felt secure, loved, and welcomed anytime, anywhere. He accepted me for who I was with no questions asked. We had a strong unconditional love. My parents are just blown away and to sit back and watch them go through this has been the most painful thing in my life that I've had to encounter. I've never felt more helpless in my life. Although I've been with them through everything with his death, I still search for answers or just anything to subside their pain and loss. On the other end, I try to keep busy so that I won't think about losing someone that I loved so much. You really never just go on with your life, you keep your mind busy so that your life does move forward otherwise, and you will go crazy. Thanks for this page it has been very comforting to me.

I loved you Dan so very much!


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anniversary date 06-15-98
date of post 10-28-98

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