Ruth Kelly

My husband, Ron Kelly, died on 11-7-97. He had sickle cell anemia, which is a genetic disease of the blood. We were blessed to have Ron grace our lives for the 44 years of his life. His was my lover, best friend and companion for 15 years. He was the best father that a son could ever ask for. He gave unconditional love to me and our son. We believe that he was an angle that came into our lives for a short period of time.

I am at peace with Ron's passing. He is no longer in pain and was able to shed this earthly body that only hindered him. He was able to accomplish so much in his short life. He was driven to do so much in the time allotted him. Time spent with someone that you love is so special. Treasure every minute that you have. Take every opportunity to say, "I love you". I never realized how much I loved my husband until he died. Now I miss him so much. But, I am so happy that he is in heaven and out of pain and in peace with God.

Ruth Kelly

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anniversary date 11-07-97
date of post 11-23-97

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