You Cannot Go

Rosemary Angulo

We buried our dad last week. This poem was part of his eulogy that I wrote.

"You Cannot Go"

You cannot go,
I cannot stay,
It's time for me to go away.
My time on earth, which God has lent, was used by me---a time well spent.
I loved my family short and tall,
But its time to answer the Angel's call.
My battles lost, but my prize is won,
I now can say---"Father, here's your son".
I am not gone---I'm just away.
Think of this when you say---
"I am hurt and I am sad.
Hey, I'll always be your Dad.
I soar with angels and see the face of God,
Think of this as they put on the sod.
I feel your anguish, I hear your roar,
But remember this, with Angels I soar.

Rosemary Angulo

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anniversary date August 1997
date of post 09-03-97

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