Kiss of Death and Brother of Mine

Rosalyn aka taurus-n-april

KISS OF DEATH Written by, Rosalyn I. F.

She had goals and dreams, she had hopes.

Hopes of love dreams of family and friends.

Oh yes she had plans.

The future was in her grasp.

She was a giving soul a savor of sorts.
Soothing hearts and minds

It was only a matter of time for her dreams to shine.

Life's funny though, ya get over the hills and blocks .
Everything seems really nice.

In came love with no ordinary gifts.
Who would have guessed it would be the Kiss of Death.

Her spirit's still here in my heart and soul.
But her joy escapes me as she has been laid to rest.

How could this have been here blessing for being such a caring soul.

I weep for her still, even if some years have passed.

What a way to go all for the Kiss of Death.

Why couldn't he have been as loving as she.

Sure he was giving but it was the Kiss of Death.

My sister I'll always love you and never forget that Kiss that .
took you from me.

. I still ache for you, all cause of that Kiss.
That love you so blindly sought.

Now she's gone and two motherless boys are left.
and some brothers and sisters too.

No the pain hasn't lessened.
We all still ache for you.

She had big dreams.
Dam that Kiss of Death.

If I could I would have taken your place I wouldn't hesitate.
not for one sec, cause sis you're gone and the pains still too great.

All this All this cause she dared to give love her all.
How evil some can be, giving out Kisses of Death.
Watch out for that Kiss .
It took her from me and the pain won't let up...... .

Brother of Mine: Written by Rosalyn I. F. .

You were distant to me but I knew you cared.

You changed your life, but not in the nick of time.
Cause like sis it was a love that took you away.

It wasn't a love of a human kind.
It was a needle that chewed at your vein.

How could we compete with a love that sheltered your pain.

Though your love was a stranger to me.
It shadows my life none the less.

I do miss that boyish grin.

Of all the men I know past and of present.
I can say without a doubt .
you my brother did love me

It was the love of the drugs that took over you senses.

My brother my brother, still I am proud, even if it was a bit.
too late.

You came to your senses and for a while you were.
happy and saw life in a different way.

Too bad your strong efforts turned out to be just a bit .
too late.

Your blood had been poisoned before you could truly celebrate.
the newness of your new lease on life.

. Still my brother I'm proud for your over coming such great obstacles.
Even if it was a lot of effort just a bit too late.

My heart my dear brother, I'll still treasure you eternally .
even if it seems just a bit too late.

Rosalyn aka taurus-n-april

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