Best Friend ~ Taken To Soon

Robyn Willer

I'm writing this cause to tell you about my best friend who was taken away when we were only 17. She was my one true best friend. We were inseparable. We did everything together.

It all started on a Thursday October 6, 1994. We thought everything was ok that day. We went to school and after school we had big plans. Her mom was out of town and we were going to have some friends over.

Well it never got that far. We were hanging out at a friends house. Around 6:30pm we decided to go to the store and on the way back we stopped to use a pay phone at a gas station on the busiest street in our town. While there we got caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. He guy shooting was after the guy we were with for a reason still not known.. My best friend Brandy was in the phone booth on the phone. A bullet went threw her right arm and shattered in her heart. She died in a phone booth for no reason.

It has been a long road to get from my world being shattered to where it is now. I still think about her every day wishing things had been different.

I miss ya Bran.

Robyn Willer

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anniversary date 10-06-94
date of post 03-31-98

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