My sister, My Nieces, My Family


On June 17,1997 my sister, brother-in-law and three nieces were travelling on holidays. I lived with Terri(age 30), Rod(age 33), Jocelyn(age 4and1/2), Jasmine(age 2and1/2), and Kassandra (age 1 month and 10 days) for three years. Terri was my sister and best friend. Her daughters felt like my own. I have done almost everything a mother does for her children including waking up all night with newborns and kissing their boo boo's better. They were my family for three years and then that was all taken away in one instant when the police came to my door to tell me of a terrible accident. When I saw the police, I knew.

Nothing in the world could be worse than what the police told me that night. I was planning on leaving to join them on holidays on June 19. I still left on June 19 but it was to attend their funeral instead. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.

I wrote the eulogy for my sister and her children. There was so much to say but so hard to find the words. The day my sister gave birth to Kassandra I was in the delivery room with her holding her hand. I cried tears of joy when she came into this world. When I read my eulogy my tears were for a massive emptiness that can never be filled.

I think about my family every day. They meant the world to me. One day I will join them in Heaven and it will be wonderful to hold them again. It won't be the same as it was here on earth but it will be beautiful to be all together again. I miss them.

All my love to you, Terri, Jocelyn, Jasmine, and Kassandra.


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