One Night In New Orleans

Britt A. Potts

One night in New Orleans the phone did ring and the voice on the other line made me scream. It told of a fire that claimed three young lives, my own three children I had left behind. My mind was in shambles, I questioned God why, I couldn't understand, I had really tried. The job i had chosen had taken me away, away from my kids until another day. But, that day is far away, and I really fear and also, I pray that Gods love from will always stay. You, my kids, are with Jesus on this night and my hopes and my prayers are that someday I might. They are at peace, rejoicing and happy instead of here on earth all gloomy and unhappy. They touched many lives though young they might be, But no one they touched loved them more than me. I guess to make a long story short, I really feel cheated, It's hard to be a good sport. BJ, Josh and Sarah too really knew how to take away my blue. When the skies would turn gray and I would feel down the best things I had was the hugs from three clowns. I firmly believe they are waiting on me, saying,"Come on daddy it's okay to be free." For now I know my way to get home is to get right with Jesus and keep moving on. 'Cause you see they are standing, guiding my hand and they keep on reminding me that I am still their friend. So I guess to say, that now that now its time to say, "I'll be seeing you, and I love you all three and Jesus, I know you're still pulling at me." "Please take care of my kids,' cause when you call I will be right there with my three kids standing tall."

July 16, 1991
Britt A Potts Sr.,
Re written 18May 97

Britt A. Potts

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