Nancy The Bird Lady- by Richard D. Peterson

Nancy was the best friend I ever lost. We were lovers and partners,we thought the same thoughts at the same time. I'm not a writer but I just want to write a public acknowledgement to everybody thanking Nancy for her life. Nancy was 57 years old from Seattle,Wash. She was a juvinile diabetic since the age of 13, she went thru countless laser treatments for her vision, she had 2 cataract surgeries that did little to improve her sight. In the end Nancy was on dialysis for 15 months and only when she could no longer see did she quit. You see she never complained about her job, all she ever wanted was the best for everybody especially me. Sure I was her eye's but she guided me, she made me into the best person I could ever hope to be. The last words she said to me were Honey you spoiled me for 5 years, Thank You. I probably will never hear nicer words out of anybody's mouth for the rest of my life. Nancy up in HEAVEN I LOVE YOU AND I THANK YOU FOR SPOILING ME. I Miss You. Grieving is really hard.

Richard D Peterson
[email protected]
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