The Life Of My Son Ray

Patty Sutherlan

Ray, full of life, mischief & happiness, I honor you.

My name is Patty & I am 41 years old, my husband Gary is 45. My 19 year old son Ray died January 27, 1997 in an automobile accident. Ray was our only child and was everything to us, our world revolved around him, we are proud parents & will always be proud parents of Ray. Ray loved the outdoors, his dad began taking him fishing about the time he started walking and at around 5 he began taking him hunting. Ray loved baseball and began in T-ball & played all the years growing up & even played softball for fun in college intermurals. Ray loved people & loved to socialize. He was with his friends at every social event that was held. He loved to laugh, play, pick & have a good time. He was & is a good son, loyal friend and has a good, loving & happy soul. Ray was attending college, a psychology major. Ray wanted many things out of life, an education, a good job, to come back to his home town to live, & raise a family. He had a lifetime ahead of him. He was on his way back to college late that night when he fell asleep at the wheel, he was killed instantly and our world & his was changed forever. We miss Ray terribly & nothing will ever be the same again. All we can do now for Ray is pray for him and keep his memory alive. He was beautiful & I do not want him to be forgotten. Memories of Ray are all we have now & I would not trade those 19-1/2 years which we had with Ray for anything. I love you Ray & miss you.


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anniversary date 01-27-97
date of post 04-05-97

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