Honor For My Mother, Two Uncles and a Friend Who All Died


I have always been the one to keep the family together and talking. The past few months have been hell to me. I first lost Norm, who was my best friend, uncle and confidant one year ago. His daughter who had not talked to him in 27 years was back in his life and was after not his love, but his money. He stayed alive until I got to Toronto to see him and he said that he loved me. And then he was gone and I was left to make all of the arrangements. Then I lost an uncle and a dear friend 2 weeks later and again it was my job to fix everything. In October of last year, my mother finally passed after 15 years of illness and yes, it was my job to make everything all right. I was criticized for not respecting my father who moved in with us by my brother who had nothing to do with my parents for years. Yes, I feel depressed, I have given 200% for the entire family and all they do is cut me down. I have taken on all of the aging members and loved them and given them a home. My brothers and cousins have done nothing and yet the judge me. My guardian angel (my grandmother) still loves me as does my husband and daughter. What do I do to get rid of the pain and the judgement??????????????


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anniversary date 1998
date of post 5-8-99

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW