Losing a Best Friend

Pat Garvey

How does one explain a best friend? How does one honor sincere friendship? I just want to say that one person in my life is no longer there. She is currently dying and I hate it. And I miss her. I beg God to let me have a little goodness of her inside of me to carry on. She said to remember her always when we would say oh you know Brenda would have said....She said to me , just remember as an aside, I would much rather be there with you. And , oh Brenda I remember. And I always will. I have loved you so much. (you always knew spelling) I miss you terribly now while you sleep on your drugs or whatever is going on, I don't know. But you are not in pain and you seem peaceful. So knowing you, I know you are doing it your way. Always realistic, brave and so genuine. I admire you so much. My problem is how can I go on without you. I miss you already, no one can replace you. There is no one on earth as good as you. Heaven will be blessed to have you, you can straighten them out. And I hope your wisdom will prevail and rain upon us. As I feel you come to me in strength, I will know you are with me. God is blessed to have you back, come back to earth again, if you need to. We need you. You are a part of God to me.

Pat Garvey

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