In memory of my daughter Jennifer, who was 17 when she died


My life changed on 11/5/94, my daughter Jennifer and her girlfriend were killed in an auto accident. Jennifer had just passed her road test about two weeks earlier and she was so exicited. Her license would have been in the mail on the following Monday but my husband's uncle works at the post office and he held onto it for about a week.

It was a beautiful November morning I can still see Jenn taking off her jacket and putting it in the back seat and getting into the car and driving off. She went to pick up her girlfriend Shakira and went on their way to take their SAT's.

It was about 8:00 a.m. and I was in my bedroom , we have this police scanner and I heard about a fatal accident. My heart started racing and I just knew it was Jennifer, I went in to tell my son, 11 at the time, that there was an accident and I had to go make sure Jennifer was at school. I drove to the high school and drove around the parking lot several times because I could not find her car. I drove to the accident scene and there was a traffic guard stopping traffic and detouring everyone. I parked my car and ran over to ask him what kind of car was involved and he wouldn't tell me, so I told him what kind of car my daughter was driving and he called down to the officer in charge and he came up and showed me Jennifer's picture ID. I fell to pieces, I still didn't know that she was gone, the officer kept saying I'm sorry Mrs. Stasack but I just didn't realize. Someone took me to the hospital and there they told me she had died and so did Shakira. Jennifer had lost control of the car and hit another car head on. She was not speeding, the detectives seemed to think that she had spilled coffee on her leg because she had a burn mark on her leg and the way the coffee was spilled in the car wasn't from the crash. They both died at the scene. Ironically the car that she hit was my husband's aunt, who is doing fine now and it really hurts to see her.

Jennifer was the light of my life and I miss her so.


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anniversary date 11-05-94
date of post 05-19-97

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