Losing Parents to a Drunk Driver

Pamela Krekeler

On August 9, 1998 my whole world fell apart. I was sitting on the couch with my husband when the phone rang. My brother had called to tell me that our parents and grandma were killed by a drunk driver on their way to a funeral. I was in shock and disbelief. My three children and niece came running down the stairs when they heard me screaming. I thought how will I go on living without them? How will my children go on without them? They were so much a part of our everyday life. We lived just 20 min. from them and they watched the children for me every wed. and Thurs. just so they would not have to go to a babysitter. They spoiled us so bad.

Growing up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters was rather wild at times but mom and dad had the patience of a saint. We lived on a farm and mom went to work when my little brother went to full time school. We had such a wonderful up bringing. Mom thought it was very important to do as much together as possible so my life was always centered around family. She took us camping, creek-wading, shopping and later in life she liked to browse around flee markets. She always made sure we got together for all the holidays so we would stay close. If there was ever a conflict between her children, she would always try to patch it up. She never made anyone feel like an outsider. We always said she would take in any stray cat that needed a place.

Dad, was a happy go lucky guy. He always had a smile when he walked through the door. He was a hard worker and usually put in 12 hr. days. He made sure his kids always had what was needed. He built a successful farming business and was just starting to take it easy. He took up golf in his forties and was pretty damn good at it...sporting a 9 handicap. If he wasn't in the fields farming, he was on the golf course with his buddies having a ball.

I was really close to mom and dad growing up. Being the second to the youngest child, my brother and I were kind of spoiled. We were the only ones left at home for several years and boy did we take advantage of that. At 23 I got married and in 6 years had 3 lovely children: Brandon Brittney and Josh. Mom and Dad became very attached to them because I made it a point to bring them around so they would know what wonderful grandparents they had. I divorced when my youngest was 18 mo. old and mom and dad took all four of us in. The kids would call us mommy 1, mommy 2, and grandpa. They became very spoiled. Grandpa always told a bedtime story and grandma always had a lap to heal what was ailing them. Their relationship continued to grow and they almost became inseparable. It would bring tears to my eyes to see how much they cared for my kids. In June of 95 I met my husband of today. My parents were so happy for me. They really liked him. Dad even enjoyed golfing with him on several occasions. They were such a hoot together. My husband reminds me so much of my dad. I'm so glad my dad got to walk me down the isle and give me away to someone he knew would take care of his little girl and his three grandchildren. I look back at my wedding album and my heart just breaks when I see the pictures of me with them and them with the kids. They were always there for us and we miss them so much. Time does not lesson the pain but only makes it worse for we can no longer hear their laughter, see their smiles and feel their love with the hugs they would give. All we have now are the wonderful memories of the two most caring, giving and selfless people I have ever met. I thank God he made me their daughter for they taught me so much. I just hope I can be half the parent and grandparent they were. Hopefully my children will always remember how much they loved them. We all have our ups and downs and there is not a minute that goes by that we don't think of them. We hope they're happy and smiling down on us just like they used to.


Pamela Krekeler

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