Dear Don

Norma Kelley

My Darling Don: My life without you seems so very empty. The house has lost its warmth. The feeling that I was "special to and cherished by" someone is no longer. You made me feel so loved. I miss you terribly! I have so many special memories of you, beginning with your determination that we WOULD be married, even after I canceled our first marriage license and took the phone off the hook so that I wouldn't have to explain how afraid I was to "try again". You were right when you told me how alike we were -- our mutual love of music, our love of animals and beautiful flowers -- you being the Master Gardener, and me being the one who cut them and arranged them to display in our lovely home. The love we shared in making our home a lovely home. I miss the way you cared when I felt bad -- always wanting to protect me. You did more than your share of the housework because you cherished the quality time we spent together. You worried that I would hurt my back if I used the vacuum, so you wouldn't let me. No one ever cared for me the way you did. You never put me down, always listening to my opinion and making me feel validated. I don't have to work at keeping your memory alive. You are with me everyday. I play your tapes and it's like having you in the room with me for a short time. Even Ashley perks up her ears when she hears your voice. I throw you a kiss each time I pass your picture. I talk to you and even hear in my head what you would say if you were here. I'm grateful that I don't have to be sorry for saying unkind things to you, because you never did anything to deserve my being unkind. I felt truly blessed through our entire marriage and I'm afraid I was guilty of boring others with what a "perfect" husband I had. No wonder I miss you!! You will always be a part of me -- the best part, and I will miss you until the day that I can join you in heaven. I Love You!


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anniversary date 02-02-97
date of post 05-21-98

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