With a smile on his face. . .a song in his heart.

Norma Jowers

Todd was a loving, kind and giving person. He never met a stranger, everyone was his friend, until late one night after being with some friends at a local club, he walked a friend to her car and preceded to walk to his car. Some unknown assailant shot him, point blank in the back of the head. The circumstances are still unknown as to what happened that October 13,1996 morning around 2:10 A.M. The case is still being investigated by the area homicide unit. With much effort the detectives have been very cordial and informative when we call to check on my son's case! My first reaction was disbelief, they had the wrong identity, and my son was not dead. My sister lived in the same town as my son. She was the one that called, and she was the one I asked to go identify who this person, that could not be my son, could be!! She called as soon as she had seen it was Todd. The phone rang with the horrible words, "It is Todd." I remember praying to God, please let them be wrong, not my baby, please God!! But I never heard those words! It has been nine months since I last saw my son alive, but I know that he is in heaven singing with the angels. You see, he was an entertainer and sang country and other types of music, but his love was country!! I live on the faith that God has given me the strength and the glory that I, one day will see my baby, my son Todd, with a smile on his face...... with a song in his heart! I do have grief, but my grief has hope, that one day the person(s) will be caught and punished for the horrible act they did against my son, Todd. The last thing a parent expects to do is to bury their child. I do not remember a lot of the days that followed my sons death, but I do remember the pain that goes with me day to day of the memories I will not have of him, because of his early death. Todd had no children, only his sister's children, whom he loved dearly and always spent time spoiling them!!! I still at times wait for the phone to ring, and the voice of my child to say, "Hi, Mom, what you doing?" My prayers go for those who know the pain of having a child taken from you, not knowing WHY??

Norma Jowers

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