Thinking of My Child

Nicola Martin

In early June 1996, I discovered I was pregnant. Happy and surprised, I shared the news with my husband who was equally happy and surprised. We returned home to Canada from Japan after the twenty-week mark and started to really get used to our baby-to-be. Not a day went by without some kind of baby-centered discussion. We lost our baby at 33 weeks. I apparently suffer from pregnancy induced hypertension which caused my baby to suffer and die. Not a day goes by without thinking of you Francis Martin Shaftoe. You were perfectly formed. You had my toes (poor soul) and ears, your father's height and nose. And your own sweetness that we both remember daily. Your newborn baby smell and your soft skin haunts both of us. We love you and miss you. We lost our son on December 9, 1996. He will remain forever in our thoughts and hearts. Francis' grandparents, aunts and uncles also share in our loss and we all miss him.

Nicola Martin

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anniversary date 12-09-96
date of post 08-18-97

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