Ask Me Not If God Was There

Nancy Lee

My son completed suicide August 12, 1996. His 24th birthday was August 5, 1996. I would like to share them with you and I hope they will help someone.

I Know Your Pain

I called the Editor and told her of my sons' death
I cried so, I couldn't catch my breath

She started sending me the newsletter
And after reading if I felt better

Like this, I'll never be able to write, my friend I told
But suddenly this week I became part of the fold

I sat at my desk and I began to write
The words just flowed much of the night

I transferred my feelings onto the paper
And suddenly I felt relieved and safer

I felt my sons' spirit helped me get started
I wrote about how I felt since this world he parted

To all of those who write to share
I'm grateful you care


I loved my son so very much and I miss him terribly. It has been six months and I am struggling to keep my motivation for life and living up. Mail is welcome!

Nancy Lee

You can send email to Nancy at: [email protected]
mail welcome

anniversary date 08-12-96
date of post 04-05-97

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