The Gift

Nancy Wood

Our 21 year old son Jonathon Michael Wood was killed in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver on October 23, 1993. Michael stayed in a coma until his death on October 27, 1993. Michael's best friend, Michael Chadwick was killed instantly in the same accident. The driver had minor injuries but is fine today.

The following is a gift we received on Monday 7/29/96 at 7:30am. A man called my husband and I that we had not heard from or spoken to in 10 years. He and his wife were friends of ours when we lived in Maryland. His name is Jim. When I answered the phon e that Monday morning wondering who was calling that early and Jim said hello I was more than a little surprised! Poor Jim was not sure what to say so he talked about general stuff for a while and then asked about our boys at which point I told him of ou r loss. Jim said "I have a message for you."

He told us that he had been in an accident and gave us the details as follows. Jim was stopped on the side of a road looking at a map when an eighteen wheeler hit the back of his car at 63 mph. The back of his car was pushed into the back seat and Jim wa s pinned in with almost every bone in his body broken or crushed including his back and neck. He regained consciousness and found a young woman at the window on the drivers side. He told her he was in extreme pain and could she help him lower his seat t o help stop the pain - she said "no your back and neck are broken you must stay still" She then called 911 on his car phone and told them she was an emergency trauma nurse. She told them his condition and to skip the ambulance just send a helicopter. J im then lost consciousness. When he came to there was a policeman at the window. Jim asked him where the woman was and the policeman said he was the first on the scene. To this day the woman has not been found but her voice is on the 911 tape.

Jim was then transported to a hospital and during the transport he died and was brought back by the paramedics. Upon reaching the hospital ER he died again - Jim does not know how long he was gone. But he does know where he was! I do not wish to go int o the whole story detail by detail because it is his story to tell, but I will hit the highlights. He was with his Grandmother and met his Grandfather for the first time. (his Grandfather died 10 years before Jim was born) His grandparents showed him man y things that we all have to look forward to, and gave him lessons to show him how his life and actions touch many others. The most important part of that lesson was to love everyone because everything you do or don't do, or say or don't say, not only ef fects and reflects you and your sprirt but those who are around you and their spirit, and those who are around them etc. etc. etc. in an ever widening circle of good or bad. And it all starts with you. His Grandmother also told him something that I have since spent a lot of time thinking about "On earth we are not Humans trying to learn to be Spiritual - we are Spirits trying to learn Humanity."

Jim was then shown a young man with rosy cheeks and soft eyes who was very excited and happy. The young man kept saying "I am fine - I am very happy - this is a wonderful place." Jim did not recognize this boy. But the boy kept telling Jim that he was fine and happy. Jim finally asked this young man who he was. The young man said "it's me -- Michael". "Michael who?" Jim said. The young man answered.... "Michael Wood."

The miracle of this ..... Jim did not know Mike had died. Jim pondered calling us for many many months. He was afraid we would think he was nuts or lying or trying to scare us. Jim was having dreams every night of this same scene with Mike until his wi fe Cindy told him to call us. Once he had made the decision to give us Michael's message the dreams stopped.

Thank you Jim and Cindy for that wonderful gift. I no longer worry! I asked Jim if he has any further contact with Mike would he please ask him to call home!

P.S. The woman at the scene of the accident...Jim is sure she was one of his guardian angels - and so am I!

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