A Very Beautiful Person: My Mom

Miles Goldstein

My mom died suddenly at the age of 75 after bypass heart surgery. A very beautiful person who lived life with a smile, cared for her family- her husband and her two sons. She loved parenting and got so much pleasure from family. She was a peacemaker among family members...she went out of her way to see the good in people, and to find the positive. She seemed so young to me. She lived in Miami Beach with her husband and loved her grandchildren and felt proud of them. She took care of her mother for many years who was ill. People gravitated to her to tell her about themselves because she listened so well. I could always call and get support and feel uplifted. No request was too big.

She had a love for music and treasured the music her son's music (who is a world famous jazz musician). Even though I couldn't achieve the greatness of my brother I still felt she valued me for my skills and talents. She did not have a lot of money, but she really felt rich...because she treasured what she had....She could derive such pleasure from simple things- a sunset, a phone call or some simple pleasure....rarely ever grouchy or mean---she touched so many people...I will miss her laugh...her support but the essence of what she lived for will always be a part of me.....I was lucky to have such a mom.

Miles Goldstein

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