My Son Jimmy

M. Graham

My son Jimmy committed suicide on November 9, 1997. I am taking each day one at a time and trying to live through this nightmare. I know that my life will never be the same without him. I miss him more each and every day. I would appreciate any support from anyone who has been through this terrible experience. Following is a poem I wrote for him the day after his death, which was read at his funeral.

My son, my love for you will never fade away
I will cherish my memories of you each and every day

You left this world far too soon, but you wanted to go
I could see the pain inside of you, the pain you tried not to show

I wish there was something that I could have said or done
Your life should not be over, for it had only just begun

You were so kind and sensitive, a special person through and though
You tried so hard to put up a front, but I always knew the real you

My life will never be the same and neither my son, will I
For when you went away a part of me did die

I would give anything to touch you, to hold you, to see your beautiful face
I only hope and pray that you are finally at peace and in a better place

M. Graham

You can send email to M. at: [email protected]
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anniversary date 11-09-97
date of post 11-23-97

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