My Mother

Megan Marjorie

I was fifteen years old when my mother, my best friend in the whole world, suddenly passed away. It has not been an easy road for sure. At my age everyone feels sorry for you but no one really listens. Friends become uncomfortable if I even mention "it" and adults all of a sudden start talking like I am a child. The one peace I can have is that my mother lived a lovely life: two kids, a loving husband and she was always healthy. She died of a Brain Aneurysm at the age of 52. She could not have ever been helped, for she was most likely born with the problem in her brain. She went into a coma within 4 hours of first feeling sick. Within 24 hours they had no hope for her recovery. That is when they asked if we wanted to donate her organs - if she would have wanted that. My mother spent her whole life knowing that she wanted to donate her organs and, thankfully, she was able to donate seven organs. We know that at least one person's life was saved. I know that I will never love anyone like I loved my mother and I miss her so much everyday. What I would do to just say goodbye to her, tell her I am OK. I wish I had had a chance to just say goodbye.

Megan Marjorie

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