To Mother

Mary Wolff

In Memory of Nancy W. Heeren April 4, 1938-October 8,1997

To Mother

What can I say mom now that you're gone?
The days seem endless, the nights so long.

The pain is so deep I just want to cry
Why, Oh Why mom why did you have to die?

You had so many trials in your fifty-nine years.
Yet for us you could smile through all of your tears.

You taught us all, that through faith in Christ,
No burden was too great to lessen the quality of life.

You gave so much to all you knew
You comforted others just by being you.

You were always there when I needed you to be
My mother, my friend you were so much to me.

Merritt, Lenore, Larry Sara and I
Will always remember the very last night.

With grace and dignity you took your last breath,
You entered into true life by passing in death.

Our greatest comfort is knowing that you
were going home to Jesus and the loved ones you knew.

Now that you're gone we ask in prayer
God's grace be upon us our sorrows he'll share.

Give courage to all Lord that suffer mom's loss.
Help us to remember the old rugged cross.

Give us the comfort of redemption in Christ,
Give us your peace in this earthly life.

Bless these grandchildren she held so dear,
Keep her presence with them her memory near.

Comfort her mother and her sister too.
They shared a love that some never do.

In all of your life mom, you proved to all;
Your were strong and brave you got up with each fall.

We learned from you to have courage to go on.
It will be hard without you now that you're gone.

Thank you, Mother, and thank you God above,
For giving the greatest gift; the gift of love.

Goodbye, Mom.

With love,

Mary Ann

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