Grieving My Mom

Mary Louise

My name is Mary Louise, and I am totally grief stricken by my mother's death on the 18 of April of this year. Her name Was Helen Brown and she was 83 years old, but I feel in my heart if she was not put into a nursing home(I didn't do it) she would have lived a little longer. I lost my Dad at 7 and now my mom. I am now 40 and still sad and grieving over my father's death. I don't have a URL address yet, but I am working on a home page. I am from Philly, PA, a homemaker, married with one child.

My Mom was the most kindness person anyone could have ever met. At this point I feel so empty, but I do have a daughter to raise and I know she would want me to go on doing the right things for her. I miss my mom so much. If I say anymore I might cry, so I will stop.

Mary Louise

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anniversary date 4-18-99
date of post 5-7-99

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