When He died, I almost did too!!

Mary Ireland

My brother, Christopher was at the prime of his life at age 31. He was getting married for the second time, this time to the right woman, he was building a house and a future for he and his future wife Ruth. He was driving down the highway one morning at 11:45 am and some jerk person, ran a stop sign because he was in the wrong lane of traffic when he was approaching the intersection of Highway 7 and County Road 10 and "did not see the stop sign" he claims. This was on August 14, 1994. It was around 80 degrees and sunny that morning. A beautiful August morning. He hit my brother in the driver's side door of his Chevy S10 pickup causing horrible injuries and a severed brain stem. I have ached and hurt for my brother ever since. This man was charged with Criminal Vehicular Homicide and found not guilty. His sentence was a $700 fine and a year of probation. The anger my family feels is overwhelming. Can anyone relate?

Mary Ireland

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