My Mom, Little Lena

Mary Colletti

Little Lena was my mother. She was the greatest mother in the whole world. She died this year of unexpected heart trouble. Although she was 80 she ran rings around me and my sister as far as energy goes. She was the most unselfish little lady there ever was. She was 4 feet 9 inches and 105 lbs. soaking wet and we nicknamed her little Lena. We loved her very much and we hope she knows how much our life has changed and how much we all miss her. Some days it is still not real to me and my sister as we were so close. We both talked to her at least five times a day and she was living around the corner. All her grandchildren and great grandchildren adored her. She was a real gem and she deserves all the honor we can possibly give her as she has always given us so much. My brother who is also terminally ill will be watched by her in heaven and I know that in my heart because she will be with us forever. We love you Little Lena. God blessed me with the best mother on earth and I know I will see you again some day. Until then watch over me because I am so lost without you.

Your daughter,


anniversary date 07-16-97
date of post 12-05-97

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