Starting Over

Marsha Wagner

My son, one of three, was driving to work on Jan 13 of 96 early in the morning. He loaded trucks in Fontana Ca. No one really knows how it happened but the car went out of control and rolled over and over and he was ejected from the car and died instantly and wasn't wearing a seat belt. He was born on mothers day May 13 1967 and was 29. He was my oldest son and had a great sense of humor and was very good looking but had just got a divorce and had a 5 year old daughter. One month after that, my husband of 32 years suddenly said that he wanted a divorce because he found someone else. That was with no warning at all so I was in double shock. At 53 it isn't easy to start over and you almost don't want to anyway. I did get therapy and as most people say, time heals and you will never forget but things are getting a little easier. I found that support groups are great and couldn't of done it without them. It's very hard when your grieving to reach out and ask for help but you have to if you want to survive. There is help groups in the newspaper and the phone book and of course this web is the best so if you care to write, I will write you back. Thank you and I'm so sorry for all of you that our suffering also.

Marsha of Glendora Ca.

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anniversary date 01-13-96
date of post 07-24-97

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