Poetry from "Grey Matter"

Mark Arlett

Ten Months

I miss you.

Not a day goes by
Without you
In my thoughts.

There are so many things
I wish to share
With you.

Changes at work
Changes in Kim,
Changes in me.

My new friends.

When I see you
In my mind,
You are always

A Secret

Ignored or feared,
Grief becomes a cancer.
Allow yourself
To feel it.
Taste it.
Experience it.
Use the sadness
To remind yourself
You are capable of love,
And being loved.
Draw on this
When you need it most.
Make a decision.
Hold the black jewel high!
Turn it in the light!
Marvel at its facets.
Sense the energy.
Embrace the growth.
This source
Bonds all humans.
It is both
Substance and

Near and Far

You're as close as my pulse
And, forever lost.
No lips.
No voice.
Yet, I talk with you
At will.
When the loneliness bites -
I panic.
Where are you?


Now that I know what it's like,
I would not trade
My life for yours.
I loved you too much
To ever wish you
This much pain.

The preceeding material is an excerpt of some poems from "Grey Matter", an unpublished book I wrote while developing in my grief connected to the death of my wife Cathie.

Mark Arlett

If you wish to write Mark you can find him at: [email protected]
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