My Best Friend...My Mom


Mom was my best friend. She lived with me for the past 20 years. We did so much together. We laughed, we shopped, we gardened, and yes, we argued. A year ago this week she went into respiratory failure and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She was on a respirator and subsequestly had a heart attack the next week...but she was from strong Polish stock and recovered enough to come home. Just before Christmas she had two more heart attacks and again came home, weaker but still enjoying her home and family.

On March 1st she had angioplasty to open a 90% was all that could be done to prevent daily heart attacks. She had a stroke during the surgery and was paralyzed on the left, unable to speak or eat. She kept her spirit making faces and mouthing "I Love You" to me. God lead her home on March 18th. I feel so empty and alone most of the time. I look towards heaven and know we are under the same starry sky. I live alone now, but she is always with me, even though I can't touch her or hear her "words of wisdom." She lived 83 years and was ready to live in eternity with my dad, her mom, and brothers. She wouldn't have wanted to live as she was and I told her to reach out for God's hand if it was there, follow it and that I would be o.k. She did that and I guess I am o.k., but I miss her so much.

Because we were so close there is such an emptiness in my life. Everyone loved mom, but she was MY best friend.


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